About Us

Smoke-Free at Home NM is a collaboration between the Apartment Association of New Mexico and the New Mexico Department of Health, which seeks to reduce the harm of secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing.

The Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM) is a private non-profit trade organization dedicated to providing a common foundation for rental housing industry professionals and the various businesses that service the industry. Founded in 1979, AANM has more than 800 primary and associate members, representing over 60,000 rental units throughout the state. AANM promotes professionalism, education, career development and pro-active legislative efforts to benefit owners, investors, residents and other association members.

We’re proud to be partners in smoke-free living, providing New Mexico with cleaner air.


All New Mexicans live in a healthy smoke-free and vape-free environment.


To expand opportunities for New Mexicans to live in smoke-free and vape-free environments by focusing on residents of multi-unit housing and providing comprehensive education and support to property owners, managers, and residents.

What We Do

  • Provide resources and materials for Property Owners, Managers, and Residents to assist them in transitioning to smoke-free living.
  • Provide education for Property Owners, Managers, and Residents, on the dangers of vaping, second, and thirdhand smoke.
  • Host Lunch & Learns with Property Owners and Managers to answer questions and provide information about transitioning to smoke-free and vape-free housing and the certification process. Bonus: We provide the lunch.
  • Host “Thinking About Quitting and the Impacts of Secondhand Smoke” workshops for residents.
  • Offer training for Health Care Professionals, Property Managers, Community Outreach Coordinators, and others interested in resident outreach, so they can facilitate smoke-free workshops.
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