Become a Certified Smoke-Free Property

Are you the owner or manager of a New Mexico Multi-Housing property that is already smoke-free? Do you want to add your smoke-free property to our interactive, smoke-free map? Do you want to become a certified smoke-free Property? If so, contact Natalie Pena today! To be a certified smoke-free property, your property must fall into one of the following categories: Silver:  No smoking in any units, common areas, or within 25 feet of all entrances and windows. Gold:  No smoking on the property, curb-to-curb. Platinum:  A property in which smoking has never been allowed (generally new construction). If you want to certify your property as Smoke Free, Smoke-Free at Home New Mexico needs just three documents from you:

  • Letter of intent.
  • Copy of Lease Addendum showing your smoke-free policy.
  • Copy of your violation policy.

If your property is already smoke-free, become certified and add your property to our Smoke-Free interactive map.  Call Natalie Pena to become a Certified smoke-free property today!