New Mexico’s 2016 Apartment Conference & Trade Show

Smoke-Free at Home New Mexico participated in the Apartment Association of New Mexico’s 2016 Apartment Conference & Trade Show in August.  We had a great time meeting with property owners, managers, maintenance staff, and everyone else!  Here’s a few things heard from you:

  • From managers of properties that have already gone smoke-free, we heard that you love it and many told us it was an easy process!
  • From managers of properties in the process of going smoke-free, we heard that you are communicating with your residence to give them lots of advance notice and support in making the transition to a smoke-free property.
  • From maintenance personnel of already smoke-free properties: we heard how happy you are that you are no longer being exposed to smoke-filled units, or picking up cigarette butts!
  • From maintenance personnel of properties not yet smoke-free: we heard how much you are looking forward to going smoke-free so you won’t have to be exposed to the carcinogens, smell, and hassle of working on smoking units.
  • From interested property managers, we heard your interest in becoming smoke free (even if the manager smokes). We answered many questions and handed out dozens of resources.

Natalie Pena presented to property owners to share the benefits of going Smoke-Free.  During the presentation, Bobby Griffith, CFO of JL Gray shared how the Smoke-Free at Home NM team is helping all JL Gray properties go smoke-free. Patricia Torn spoke with booth visitors, listened to concerns, and shared information about the services and workshops SmokeFree@Home can present at your property. We enjoyed meeting with everyone at the Apartment Association of New Mexico 2016 Conference, and look forward to helping your properties transition to becoming Smoke-Free!